Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trellis and fence, part one

When you live in the city, no matter how large your city may be, privacy is always worth investing in. We do live in the city limits. We like where we live, and we like our neighbors. But to be honest, as we prepare for our retirement years, privacy becomes more and more the needed space we want.

Our desire for privacy, sent us looking for a different home. One, way out in the country. Not a good idea when it is only two more years before retirement. Not to mention the cost of selling and buying a different house, to make into our new home.

So my wise husband then suggested that we turn what was going to be a simple trellis line, into a trellis and fence line.

Like all projects at home, it always starts with a shovel!

Eight 10 foot, 4X4 posts require 8 large holes, plus 8 eighty pound bags of cement, and lots of mixing in the wheelbarrow.

We purchased 10 posts. Two were cut into four pieces and using a half-lap made the overhang for each post.

The first post was placed at the far end of the property. This happened two days ago so the concrete would be cured before the rest of the line was completed.  The second post was placed at the opposite end (street side), right where the gate section needed to be rehung.

Once the two end posts were in place, a new string was strung to keep the line straight and the remaining posts were set in cement.

This required mixing a total of 640 pounds of dry cement and the water needed to make a proper cement to set the posts in. My husband not only mixed the concrete and set the posts before noon, he has earned a well deserved thank you and a cold beer!

As soon as the concrete has cured, we will hang the gate section and then we can start the fence.

Thank you for visiting such a busy backyard, as always we appreciate your time when you visit and your wonderful comments!

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