Monday, June 22, 2015

Garden Tuesday, the one about a staycation!

I was out of the office last week, and we had a nice week of staycation! I love a staycation, and have always considered it a real vacation. Truthfully I am away from home so much with the commute and work, that saying home is what I usually want to do.

We did take some short trips, one to Crater Lake Oregon, which is a beautiful sight. And as crazy as it sounds we went to a sandcastle contest in Cannon Beach Oregon on Saturday and turned right around on Sunday and went to Lincoln City Oregon for father's day. Got a little sun, got a little time at the ocean and got a little time with loved ones. Oh and don't forget the sea lions.......

So how is the garden you ask? Why thanks, it is coming along. I do have a confession to make, we did not get the soaker hoses laid out in time, so we are hand watering and the garden is showing a bit of dryness. And the swiss chard is showing a sunburn.....,,so here are the updates, both the good and the bad (or wish were better!).

This swiss chard is sunburnt...

This volunteer zucchini is in....

...the sugar snap peas.

The red currants and the gooseberries are ready to harvest,
the crops aren't large, but all the little bits of fruit will go to make a mixed fruit jam. 

The potatoes, green beans and Roma beans are doing very well!

Rhubarb and berries are filling the freezer. 

And we have 3 seedless grapes to plant along the trellis fence.

How is your garden growing?

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  1. What a fun and beautiful vacation time.... and your garden looks wonderful! Growing well... looking healthy. :)

    1. thank you! We did have a good time, I love the beach. We have been busy filling the freezer with snap peas, berries and rhubarb. thanks for visiting.

  2. Wow, those sand sculptures are amazing! It's good to get away, but there ain't no place like home!

    Your garden is doing well. As long as you get some food, I guess it doesn't really matter where it grows, right? ;0D
    Thanks for stopping in at The Maple Hill Hop!

    1. The sand castle contest if sun, it is the one day folks can drive on the beach, but you must be off the sand by 1:30 as the tides begin to come in. This is our first year with the raised beds, I am looking forward to seeing how that helps produce food compared to last year. thanks for visiting.

  3. Wow! Your garden is really coming along!! It seems like only yesterday when you were going through rhubarb trouble :)

    1. Thanks, but it is not any special talent of mine, this is all from my (wonderful) husband!


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