Monday, June 1, 2015

Roasted Radishes!

If someone had told me that I would love roasted radishes, I would have said, "are you kidding?" Actually I have never and I do mean never been a fan of, the radish. They get hot or spicy with size and overpower any salad or sandwich they are put into.

But this is the second recipe I have made that has the cook, roast those little red guys. The first recipe was a roasted radish and carrot salad. It was wonderful! I plan on making that salad again. Vegetable salads, especially roasted vegetable salads are on my radar right now.

In my traipse through pinterest looking for radish recipes, I also came across this one for a simple roasted radish side dish. Not only delicious, it is easy and uses those large radish that do have a bit of a bite to them.

We shared dinner with friends last night and these were on the table. Everyone loved them and the preparation is very simple, plus since I was fairly busy with the process of having friends over for dinner, I did not snap any photos of that part of the recipe.......

Roasted Radishes
adapted from:  the kitchn
450 degree oven

2 large bunches of radishes or about 1 pound of radishes from your garden
olive oil

Trim radishes, and cut in half.

In a large bowl, toss radish halves with 2 T olive oil.

Place radish pieces cut side down on a large baking sheet.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, roast 10-12 minutes for golden brown and a slight crunch. Roast 16-20 minutes for a deeper brown flavor and softer interior.


Once dinner was done, and the clean up almost complete, it started to rain. Springtime evenings will keep you guessing.

Thank you for visiting such a busy backyard, as always we appreciate your time when you visit and your wonderful comments!

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  1. I love radishes but I've never roasted them before. I can just imagine how good they taste! Thank you for sharing this great idea & recipe with us at the Hearth and Soul hop. Pinned :-)

  2. April, I have just recently started playing with cooking the simple radish, and it is not only fun, but delicious. We are now enjoying the tops also, they roast up nicely.

  3. Ok. This is new to me. I love radishes and have had them in cooked dishes, but never roasted them. I am going to give this a try because radishes are fresh at the farmers market these days.

    1. Beth F, if you like a zesty spicy side dish this is the one. The bite from the large radishes is tamed, but still present in a mannered way, don't forget to add some garlic.....


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