Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So much done and now back on track!

We have been busy. Big decisions often times result in big lists. With lots of things that must be done.....

Such as deciding which furniture will not go with us into the future.

Decisions about kitchen equipment that no longer meets our needs or needs replacing with something that does. And then there are those items that simply need to be purged.

We have sold a china hutch, a sideboard buffet, a 1900 Singer sewing machine (in the original treadle cabinet), and a Kitchen Aid mixer with grain mill attachment.

We did have a yard sale, or at least we tried. But with 100+ degree weather (unusual for this area) it was not successful. And while it would have been nice to trade our stuff for cash, in the end we met our goal. Which was to eliminate all excess books, dishes and miscellaneous that we just won't need.

So we donated to worthy causes by taking a load or four to the local donation station.

And now I think we are back on track.

On track to once again process the garden crops that we grew. Cook the foods that we need and want to eat. Try and take a weekend off, once in awhile and just be patient.

Patient that our house sells before our offer on the other home is rescinded.Patient that it will all work out as need be.

As it turns out, patience while waiting is difficult, and not just for the young.

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  1. So excited for you! Hoping we both sell our homes soon. It's great to purge first so that you don't needlessly pack and haul things that won't be used. Smart!

    1. Best of luck to you as well! This selling business is hard work!

  2. I love purging all the excess "stuff" that has made its way into our home. I don't want to point any fingers, but my husband does love to shop at junk and antique stores. The only thing I love to shop for is food and we eat that. I look forward to following your adventures on into the future. Cheers, Rocquie

    1. Thanks Rocquie, not all we have to do is sell a house.....


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