Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our journey continues....

We have definitely not given up on having retirement on the coast. However we have learned so much about selling in a sluggish real estate market and adapting our plans along the way. While our local extended community is booming, the real estate market is not. That can and does change everything.

We are down to earth, no frills, hard working people, plus we live frugally. Because of this we are able to continue onward towards the end goal of coast life for us!  We will make a trip to the coast in a week, not to make an offer, instead to eliminate properties from our list of possibilities. Because until we sell a house, we cannot purchase another.

One thing we have found to be true, is that you absolutely must tour a property. Photos can be so very flattering! In addition while you may love the home, possibly not the surrounding area. Another important feature is the ease of getting around and being able to walk to shopkeepers for needed items.

Our wants are simple, a small home, a bit of yard to garden, sea air to breath along with a touch of adventure and exploration.

This is our journal, to reach the goal.

Thank you for your visits.

If you like what you see here, we would appreciate it if you told your friends, if not, tell us! Our goal is to share relevant information that you will enjoy and use for yourself and your family. 

Thank you for visiting such a busy backyard, as always we appreciate your time when you visit and your wonderful comments! 

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