Thursday, November 19, 2015

1, 2. 3.....4

When we decided to plan for retirement, we had four important tasks on our list, and while we might of had a preference for the order in which they happened, in the end, just happening was the important thing to keep our eyes on.

1. Find, purchase and use a (smaller) motorhome for travel.

2. Refinance our main home for retrieval of equity, for a large down payment on said retirement home.

3. Sell house number two, which in our current sluggish market would most likely sell. Because the larger family home barely received enough showing to use up one hand......

4. Purchase home at the coast.

Here is the progress so far.......

In our driveway sits a wonderful, lightly used 22 foot motorhome. Cash purchase from savings. We will be having our Thanksgiving celebration at the coast, reservations have already been made!

Yesterday was a banner day. Final papers were signed for the refinance of our main home. And...

We received an offer on the house we have for sale!

Now we know that things can and do happen, but the phone call was so fun to receive! Plus there is another showing scheduled for today....

Maybe, just maybe, our plan is coming together!

And the journey continues.

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