Sunday, November 8, 2015

A make-shift canning rack for your water bath canner , making due with what you have

From the kitchen of, Our Sunday Cafe

The garden is winding down, but I did can 5 pints of diced tomatoes last night. There is chard to get processed for the freezer and a couple remaining acorn squash to pick before we retire the vines. I have raspberry juice to make into jelly, however it is safely stored in the freezer until I have a free afternoon later this fall or even in the winter, maybe right before Christmas.

I have had problems canning on my glass top stove and to be honest I want the next house to have a regular old fashioned electric range with coils. I won't mind, and my water bath canner will appreciate the simplicity of it also. But in the meanwhile I took the opportunity to take a few gadgets found around the house and makeshift a canning kettle that does not have the rippled bottom, which is the problem on the glass top stove.

You can use what you have available, here is a suggestion.

Here we are using jar rings, a steamer rack and paint sticks.

The jar rings give lift off the bottom of the pan.

Place the rack you are using over the rings, this rack is not perfect, but is what I have currently. A round cake cooling rack would be great.

Heavy duty poultry shears or equivalent will cut the wood easily. Lay the stick across the top of the pan and then cut short a bit so the stick slips easily into the pan.

This is an experiment in progress...I can tell that there is plenty of room to double up on the sticks. 

Load your canner with jars and slip a wooden piece between to keep the jars from traveling and bumping into each other during the processing time.

Lay the sticks in opposite directions and on each end wind the twine in the indent meant for your thumb when you stir paint. 

Cut the remaining sticks, using cotton twine double up the wooden pieces, by wrapping twine at each end and knotting firmly (several times, just in case.).

How about you, how have your improvised in your kitchen?

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