Saturday, November 7, 2015

Getting closer to the end of the plan....

While I have not written much here as of late, we have been very busy on our plans to sell our house and purchase another one at the coast for retirement. While we did put up our home for sale, alas it did not sell. Yes we are in a sluggish market and the house is beyond a starter home for first time home buyers, yet smaller than the larger homes that larger families want.

Since the upper end and the starter end are where our market is successful right now, we made a swap with our children. Let's sell the smaller starter home they have and they can take this larger home, that they have need of.....sometimes the answers are right there and not so easy to see. This weekend the second of the two houses is up for sale and open for showings.

We have continued our on-line looking and dreaming during all these change about happenings. And today we travel once again to the coast, so that at the very least, we can eliminate some on the list of possibilities. There is one house in particular that I have grown fond of and I have yet to view it in person, much less walk through the front door.

A turn of the century home, with in walking distance of the bay. In a quiet community, with oyster farming as the local economy. And while I don't eat oysters, I love the noise and the smell and the salty air of the bay. Not to mention the quiet busyness of life that makes one feel happy at home.

We have begun to pack, starting with the books. There are about 20-25 boxes of books, and we have yet to start on the cookbooks. We are preparing to pack our home up so that it can be moved out into the garage and or storage is there is need and the kids can move their belongings in, once the house sells. We shall house share until we get moved to the coast. And I will continue to house share during the week, until I can retire full time in about 2 years.

Wish us all luck, it is a big undertaking and so far has been quite the adventure!

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