Monday, November 9, 2015

The packing foreman....

The house is showing well and all we can do now is wait for a sale. However while we wait, we are packing the non-necessities like books, extra linens and just about anything else we do not need for everyday living. In this process we found we still have a lot of stuff (even after downsizing earlier this year!). We also have one house member that is either acting in the capacity of packing foremen or possibly making sure he is not left behind!

He is almost 13 years old and has moved a number of times through the years. He is also smart enough to know when something is "up" and there is a change in the winds. He has no idea that his comfort was one of the first things we thought of, and plans were made around keeping him safe and healthy. But I think he is going to like the coast, once we get there.....

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