Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Garden Tuesday, when the trees fall down,,,,,,,,,,

While I love outdoor shots, these could have waited for never. The winter rains have saturated the ground, and the wind lifted the tree, out. It got caught in the limbs of the other trees in the front yard fortunately, as this prevented the tree from taking out the northeast corner of the house!

The emergency crew we called in, came and could only secure the tree by trimming excess branches near the top and then lashing it to three other trees for safe keeping overnight, as the boom and bucket were about 10 feet too short!

These trees are majestic and it's very hard to tell how tall they really are, but trust me, they are very tall. They are the original trees of the area, left when the house was built in 1974. During a wind storm the lower branches, once broken off and laying on the ground are often 15-20 feet long!

And yes, that is a for sale sign, we are set to close in 3 weeks............Yesterday was a busy day!

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