Friday, January 1, 2016

Old and new from far and wide, January 2016

Hello, we hope your week is going great on this first day in January. Take a look at what friends and other blogger are up to currently or have done in the past. So much information from older posts on just about every blog, today I am sharing these.....

Image courtesy of DIY Natural 
Apples are always available in winter, here is a handy post about the different varieties and a great slow cooker recipe to boot!

Image courtesy of Condo Blues.
Gift time is year round, these button gift tags would be a fun way to tag the gift. 

Image courtesy of Get Busy Gardening.
If space is a problem in your yard, compost in place with a lasagne garden bed.  This method is easy to adapt for continuous composting.  

Image courtesy of Get Busy Gardening.
Speaking of gardening, I love the look of mineral ringed terra cotta pots, but if you don't, here is a tutorial on cleaning them up. 

Image courtesy of Common Sense Homesteading.
After enjoying citrus fruits, fill the leftover rinds with bird seed and place out for the birds this winter. 

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