Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Canning equipment storage, now organized!

Besides working on the greenhouse/shed and getting the deck clean up a bit, I was able to get one other area organized and ready to go.

The two shelves in the garage that now hold canning equipment, canned food and jelly as well as some overstock from the kitchen. One goal was to keep these items organized, yet as dust free as possible. A few old towels and a cloth shower curtain were just the items that I needed. (Sometimes being a saver does work out!)

I do not have a before picture, but this area needed a lot of help......

I organized the shelves, with plenty of space to add more inventory. Then I attached the shower curtain at the top along the back. Using a shower curtain works very well, the finished slits for the shower hooks, slip over an exposed nail. Put a little bend in the nail and everything stays put. 

The top shelf will hold the large kettles. Then.....

Simply smooth the curtain over the shelf unit and secure with a couple of clothespins on each end.

Done and fairly dust free.

The jars that were stable standing without a box or bin, were covered in old towels. Smaller jars were put in large tote bins bought for this shelf, then covered with towels. Large bath towels are always in demand, if you ask me. 

Now I am ready for canning!

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