Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flowers and Decks and Bears, oh my!

Having just returned from the peninsula, I wanted to share and update with these photos. Of course this is also the quickest way to see what I forgot to get a photo of!

Here are a few pictures of the new yard including these lovely Cala lilies, which I adore. My grandmother had huge clumps of these in her yard and they were always standing tall and proud. I think if flowers were music, Cala Lilies would be the opera of flowers. They are stunning, strong and beautiful.

The courtyard outside the front door (which really is the backyard....) needs a complete do over. But one thing is for sure, these beauties will star, front and center.

This area will also be changed up a bit. Where these berries are is the only flat spot in the backyard. The berries are also not doing that well, maybe it is too many visits from the bears that live in the greenway behind the house. The plan is to remove the berries to another location so we have a flat spot for chairs and relaxing. Oh and put in a fire pit....

The rhubarb, currents and strawberries we took with us are doing well. They will find permanent homes soon.

This is a photo of the greenhouse/gardening shed before we began getting it organized. The potting bench will be a wonderful spot to grow micro greens for tossed salads in the winter. 

Plus it has this screen to return any extra soil, easy peasy.

And this poor grouping is on the deck. We want to save the plants, knowing this is going to be a messy job. Fortunately any soil that we loose will fall between the deck boards. 

The yard also has this wild strawberry ground covering all over. We are fans of ground coverings, and this one is pretty cute. 

Next week I will try and get more pictures of the beautiful flowers, there are red azaleas, rhododendron in lots of different colors and a light pink clematis. 
Did I remember to tell you about the bears? Well they are prevalent in our area, here is a link to the local newspaper and the article on the dos and don't for good neighbor policy with the bears

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