Monday, April 4, 2016

Our new backyard, and the move in.

This is our new backyard! The grassy area slopes off into a green-way that is filled with lots of trees, small lakes and wildlife. Like black bears, and from time to time a cougar can been observed. Actually the whole house is surrounded by yard, and there is plenty of different outdoor areas to use for gardening, relaxing and living.

The actual move was a lot of work. We started by taking a load over just the two of us, unloading it and coming home again the following day. This was done the weekend before the actual move, you can take a gander at that trip right here.

Then on the next weekend we made the big trip over, unloaded everything and returned to Vancouver to drop off the rental truck and get some rest, that saga can be looked at right here.

Then we got up the next morning and left to spend the week at the peninsula house, putting everything away, and weeding out, did I mention we would discover that we wanted to weed out the extras that we no longer felt worked in the new house? When the week was over, and I needed to return to work, the house was now our home, and you can see the progress right here.

Now we are working on the yard and removing the items from Vancouver that are in the way or we wanted to take to the peninsula house. Like...

My beloved rhubarb...
There were five plants in the Vancouver yard, took the three smallest and left the two largest in place. Now I get to enjoy the rhubarb recipes my daughter will make!

Red Currents for jelly...
I can't wait for the fruit hanging to ripen. No matter the size of the crop, I want to make some current jelly.

A strawberry pot.....
I think these berries will do well on our deck, which receives full sun for most of the day. Terry will love picking them fresh to enjoy.

Ferns and Mums...

There are two large terra cotta pots of ferns, while we are not certain where they will go, they should do very well with the coast environment.

Misc and tools....

Plus the pet taxi, just in case the cat needs a trip to the Vet.

Welcome home!

Next weekend, this trip will be repeated. Then I go to the peninsula for two weekends. Fortunately the drive is pleasant, and my husband is waiting on the other end of the road!

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