Monday, April 25, 2016

Our peninsula flowers

While at the peninsula this weekend, I got a few minutes between rain showers to capture a few photos of some of the yard in bloom. We hope to tackle the yard slowly in order to know what we have, plus there is still lots to do inside, still.....

But these are the flowers we get to enjoy this spring.

This Clematis is about half way through the bloom cycle, you can see some spent blossoms on the right hand side of the photo. We will want to add a trellis for this lovely to climb on.

These are phoots are from two separate Roddie bushes, the lighter pink is in full bloom and the darker one is getting ready to open.

I love the spicy smell of this one , more of these seems like a good idea!

This is lots of this native coast bush in our yard and we love how it mixes with the ferns. 

This lovely bush boarders the house.

As well as lots of these. A little trimming is needed all over, but otherwise we really enjoy the yard. 

Due to the rainy weekend, we did not get anything done outside, we did have a visit with the granddaughter, a trip to the beach (we went with our little motor home to stay warm and dry) and lots of cooking for the week ahead. 

And one last photo, I don't know what this is, but it had a very long runner with a clump of what looks like a strawberry plant scattered here and there along the way. This is really a fun plant.

It will be fun to see the yard unfold as the seasons march on.

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