Monday, May 16, 2016

A wooden post and part of a light fixture, a little flea market gardening

Buying our home on the peninsula was a long distance venture. Once we found the (final) house to make an offer on, get an inspection and then wait for closing it was close to a year. Many trips between Vancouver and the peninsula, many different houses crossed off our list and lots of money invested to make sure we were purchasing the right house for us, for the rest of our lives.

So you can understand that the yard was second on our list. It had to be the right size, in relatively good order and the most important, close to the ocean! After closing and upon closer inspection we have found a few items that need to be changed. One of those items on the list are the 8 foot wooden posts that were placed here and there, yet were not in use for anything, that we can tell.

I have surmised however they were originally placed in strategic places for bird houses and more importantly bird feeders. But there is a bit of a problem with bird feeders, especially suet feeding blocks, they draw animals from the heavily treed lake area directly behind the house. The same one that houses black bears.....

Since our own move in and our own placing of suet feeders, for the birds to enjoy, we have learned what the previous owners learned. Suet feeders actually are like bait, they attract larger animals to your yard. Those animals have not been kind to the feeders, as they claw out the suet blocks. So not only are we not placing suet blocks out to feed the birds, we are remodeling the posts into garden decor when ever possible.

This post was 8 feet tall, and right in the middle of the front flower bed. It is also planted in a huge concrete bed, one that will insure it's standing right here for more years than we might be around! I suggested that we have some fun with re-purposed stuff we might have on hand and see how it turns out, so we did. The "flower pot" is a very heavy glass shade from a hanging lamp. The peninsula winters almost never freeze, so there should be no problem with breakage this winter.

I thought a plant that would drape down over the sides of the top edge would also be fun. And because the front yard is mostly pink with the rhododendrons, I thought a blue flowering plant would be a good contrast. The glass shade was attached to the post, yet drain channels were also part of the plan. The flower pot to the back right holds chives and sage. The flower pot to the front right holds snap dragons and dusty miller, held over the winter from last year. The plan is to add another flower pot to the left.

After the pots are in place, the bricks will be used to define the edge of the garden. Some weeding from time to time, but this is a perfect perennial garden bed, our favorite kind!

What is happening in your yard?

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  1. Oh, you definitely don't want to attract those bears! I love the glass fixture you added. I hope you get the "right" kind of visitors!
    Thanks for stopping by The Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Congrats on finding your new home! It's always interesting to figure out what previous owners were doing. I like the hanging flower idea a lot. We wouldn't want any unwanted 'friends' coming around!


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