Sunday, May 22, 2016

Our feeding stations....

We have always love the birds, now matter where we live.

On the peninsula there are so many species and they come to visit all day long. In order to insure that they continue to come and visit, we have set up our side yard, with feeding stations.

We have had to make some modifications in how we leave food for the birds. Learning how to feed the birds without encouraging the bear and the deer has been worth the effort.

We now place a piece of the suet block into the holder, instead of the entire block. The whole block brings in the bear and bless his/her heart, that bear is not interested in getting the suet out, without damage to the holder.....

In the early morning we place leftover rinds from citrus or chunks of apple, for the birds to peck at. Later we will drop a piece of the suet block in the holder to see them through the afternoon. We also will let a piece of bread dry out completely, then cover with a thin layer of peanut butter, before placing it bread in the holder.

We recently put up this hummingbird feeder (with homemade nectar) which got a steady stream of hungry hummers coming to dine. Our plan is to put up a second feeder....

This is our gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo, option!

We also offer the standard bird seed, and of course water. There are two of these beautiful water plates in the side yard.

As I said, we love or bird visitors!

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  1. I bet the birds just *flock* to your yard! ;0D
    I love the plate waterer too! That would be a great craft to make.
    Enjoy your lovelies!

  2. I imagine you have a constant stream of visitors with all that variety on the menu! I would love it if there were hummingbirds here in New Zealand.


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