Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Garden Tuesday, the side yard flower beds

My husband loves flowers, and he has been real busy working in the side yard flower beds. While they are not done, I did want to show the progress so far.

Starting out it looked like this.

The Fotinia is pretty, but more a hedge plant rather than a flower bed plant. Plus it is messy, dropping leaves on a very regular time frame! You can't see them here, but at the end of the Fotinia are Shasta Daisies, which he kept. 

Once the Fotinia were pulled out, it was discovered that there were two more roses. However they were so sun starved that they had pretty much died and were not worth trying to save. The tall rose in front, received a proper trimming (and some banana peel pellets!) as part of getting this bed ready for more perennials. 

Just about done.....

There are plans for more perennials, some artichokes and raspberries to fill in the ends. We will have a lovely flower garden to look at and enjoy when we BBQ and have our dinner outside. We will also line the walk with pea gravel and make the picnic table area a bit larger, stay tuned!

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  1. How wonderful that your hubby tends the flower beds! It's so exciting to start a new garden project. Thank you for stopping by The Maple Hill Hop this week!

  2. It's awesome to be able to watch the progress in the yard. How sad that the rose bushes didn't make it :( but the other flowers look really nice.


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