Monday, June 13, 2016

Our backyard includes Oysterville Washington

One cannot live by work alone. After a while you need a day trip or at the very least a Sunday drive. We took a drive to a sweet little town very close to us, and did a little exploring. We found lots of history, a vibrant oyster trade, many old  and beautiful homes. And so much pride. Oh and our dream garden.....

 Oysterville was the county seat until some shenanigans took place in 1893.

These beach roses grow on just about every fence, they are very pretty.

This church looks like Laura Ingalls Wilder went to services here. I fell in love with the ceiling lamps.

The school house is not used as a community center. In addition it is rented out to raise funds for restoration.

Yes there is a post office.

And a general store. The store was closed, so this photo snapped through the window is all I can offer.

Swoon! This is a stunning home, and gardens.

The next time we visit, we are taking our bikes. It is the perfect town for bike riding, plus there are picnic tables at the school.

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  1. Oh, what a quaint little town! The post office is adorable. I look forward to your next visit there with more pix!
    Thank you for joining us on The Maple Hill Hop today!


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