Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Currants and Gooseberries

We finally got the currant and the gooseberry shrubs replanted into a garden bed. On the drive to the peninsula, they took a bit of a beating from the wind steam in the open trailer bed, as did the roses. But just like the roses, they bounced back. I even got a bit of a harvest the other day. Six lone gooseberries that I ate raw to see what they tasted like without sugar and this small mound of currants.

There is room in the bed for two more shrubs, so on our next trip to Vancouver we shall stop in and get another currant bush and another gooseberry. I am interested in Gooseberry Fool next summer....

But for now, I will make a very simple syrup from the currants to serve in a bowl with fresh pear slices. I am sure it would be equally delicious over any fresh sliced fruit, we will try as many as there is syrup to enjoy!

Next year I am hoping for enough to make currant jelly.

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