Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our Backyard includes, The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment

It does not get much prettier than where the land meets the water and Cape Disappointment is no exception. Included in all that beauty is the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

Built on the site of (old) Fort Canby, you can learn all about the region and see spectacular sights! This is what we enjoyed the day we explored our big backyard.

 The water you see to the right in this picture is not the ocean, it is the Columbia River.

The North Head Lighthouse is easily seen from the Interpretive Center. 

This jetty separates the River from the Ocean (river to the left, ocean to the right).

Around the building is all natural landscaping. Which continues to house and feed wildlife.

Photo from 1945, showing the big guns at Fort Canby.

The guns are dismantled, the space they occupied is very large.

Armed Services along with the Coast Guard kept the coastline safe. That blockade served as housing, there are fireplaces for warmth.

This is an actual lens from a lighthouse, it is much larger than this picture would have you believe. 

Two thousand ships have gone down at the mouth of the Columbia River, one of the most dangerous in the world. Bar Piloting is still an important service to keep the vessels safe. 

Strolling the the grounds is a pleasure!

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