Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The roses were proud, while we were away!

The roses had rebounded once transplanted, and were beautiful. We are sold on the banana peel treatment and will use it regularly. Unfortunately we have to give first aid to the roses once again, as they were dinner for the deer in our absence.

I will say this, deer are able to take a clean bite!

The deer also had their way with my beloved currant bushes...

I had just come across this homemade deterrent spray for deer and we will get a gallon of it made up for quick weekly applications. The suggestions include spraying each week as well as after a rain storm.

The Deer Deterrent Formula
adapted from:  Old World Farms
makes 1 gallon

2 eggs
4 cloves garlic
2 t red pepper flakes
1/4 c whole milk

1 gallon water

Buzz eggs through milk in a blender until smooth, strain through cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer. Add to sprayer and dilute with the water.

Spray weekly as well as after a rain storm.

The other trick we shall try is small amounts of dog hair scattered around the roses. I think a suet box (the green mesh kind) filled with dog fur ( there is a groomer close to where I work) might give the presence of a dog.

Currently we have no dog, there is no plan at this time for a dog ( right now the cat is in charge.....) yet during our conversations, my husband remarked that they did not have problems with deer when he was a kid. They live way out in the country, but they also had two dogs. This makes me think the mesh boxes might help.....

We will update on the successes of these two treatments.

We did have one success however, the rhubarb now in a permanent spot, is showing signs of growth!

It is that little spot of green on the right side, that is making me happy!

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  1. Love it when you can make up something with ingredients you have on hand. I vote for the dog(s)!

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