Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Garden Tuesday, the one about potatoes and deer

While we have been busy working on the yard, we have not given up on growing at least some of our food. Unfortunately what we like the deer like as well.....

But I have found one crop that the deer have no interest in, potatoes!

We had a potato that was re-greening and had begun to sprout. So we planted it, and sure enough in a few days, the potatoes were growing, you could see the green tops.

I thought that we would see that the deer had eaten the tops in the middle of the night. So day after day I would look out the window to check on the potatoes. 

I know nightly that deer come through the yard, this 4 point buck paid us a visit just the other morning, stopping at the bird feeder to see if there was anything for him. 

He came up from the greenway/waterway right behind our yard. Walked right past the potato plants, without a nibble along the way. He was in his element and not frightened of anyone or anything. 

Fearing for the roses on the deck, my husband went out to shoo him away. My husband got the look, as if being told that the deer would move on in his own good time.............and finally he did. 

As it turns out, night after night as the deer move through the yard, the potatoes do not interest them. We are happy about that, organic potatoes are expensive here on the peninsula. We are going to try and grow them year round, it rarely freezes here in the winter. 

Score one for the humans! 

Next, I will work on a chicken wire barrier to protect my currants and gooseberries. 

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  1. Good for you! One less thing to worry about!
    Thank you for visiting The Maple Hill Hop!

  2. How exciting to have such lovely visitors! And how great that he didn't care for your crop :)

  3. I thought deer would eat just about anything in the garden - I was interested to learn they don't like potatoes! Hope you manage to protect the rest of your garden from these beautiful, yet pesky, visitors! Thank you for sharing with us at Hearth an Soul.


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