Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Side Yard Make Over, Part 1

If it seems like a long time since I posted anything of any value here, it is because it has been a long time. So much has happened. Let's see there was lots of work to be done, then there was a surprise medical problem, and then to keep it interesting there was more work to be done...............

This is what the side yard looked like right about the time we got the house settled and the last few boxes unpacked. There are California Poppies, tufts of wild Strawberry ground cover, Azaleas, and Hostas to name a just a few. Not to mention the black nursery pots of rhubarb and mint we brought with us in the move. Plus a couple of ceramic planters full of Dusty Miller and Marigolds.

All planted in a garden bed in the center of the yard, with a rock mulch on top.

Unfortunately, this is the drain field for our septic system.

The last thing you want is roots growing into the clay pipes and causing damage. Possibly the previous owners did not know, but it all had to go! The Poppies went into the compost at the edge of the greenway. The Hostas and Azaleas were transplanted. The plants we brought in the move were moved to better locations.

Then lots of weeding, raking and planning came next.

As before, we wanted to use materials we already had or could get for free or almost free. Plus there were materials at the Vancouver house that we knew we could have because changes were surely going to happen in that yard as well.

We knew one thing for certain, we wanted another sandy beach with a firepit.

Around here sand is free! And is the best place for a fire pit. The little green tufts you see in the photo is wild Strawberry ground cover. You can't get rid if it, but as it turns out, we really like it. Once the sand was spread out, it only took about a week for the little green tufts to start growing in the sand.

Oops! Here is we have to stop working in the yard for awhile, we have to fit in that medical problem I wrote about in the first paragraph........

Stay tuned for part 2.

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