Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Side Yard Make Over, Part 4

This bed right outside the door is a garden of herbs, sage and mint are in the bed and the small brown planter is filled with chives. With this bed being completed it was time to fill the birdbath.

About this time we noticed something besides the wild Strawberry ground cover growing in the sand. 

Hosta are relentless! The bulbs were dug out, but apparently small pieces were left behind. Because this is a drain field and we won't ever plant food here, we decided to spray them. And they would die according to the package. So we did....

The sand was raked back and the green shoots were given a dose of plant killer. But as luck would have it, they did not die, they did not even wither or turn yellow. So bless his aching back, my dear husband dug them out again!

See those terra cotta planters in the upper right of the picture? They were next. Each was filled with rich soil and filled with a chrysanthemum. Then placed in the curve of the lava rock line. 

We are getting close to having this project completed and it will be fun to show the yard once it is finished. But you know something else had to have happened.....

Stay tuned for part 5.

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