Friday, September 23, 2016

The Side Yard Make Over, Part 5

We knew we had to replace some of the front siding on the garden shed. There was what seemed to be a little dry rot hole in the bottom left corner. Plus there were patches just below the windows when we bought the house, indicating that previously repairs had been made to the shed. With fall and the rainy season coming it was decided that the siding should be next. We should have become suspicious when a little frog came out of hiding when my dear husband placed his hand into a small opening.....

Once the siding was removed, we found more trouble. Actually a lot more, the entire front wall had rotted from the siding inward, including the studs used to frame the shed. The paperwork for the shed was included in a box of information when we purchased the house. The previous owners had the shed built, but they never painted it. In this climate, you must protect every wood surface or in just a few years you have a rotten structure.  

The weight of the windows had to be supported while a new frame was built. 

The front wall framing was built, slipped into place and secured. Then it was time for the siding and the finishing boards under the windows. 

Then to make sure we would never have to repair this shed again, a thick protective coat of paint!

This little shed is a great storage shed and mini greenhouse, I am interested to see if I can keep a cherry tomato going all winter long.....

Up next, the reveal!

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  1. Nice work! Hopefully, you'll get many more years of service out of it!


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