Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Ritual to you too.

Today is Halloween, not one of my favorite holidays, but Halloween does start our end of the year holiday parade. And if nothing else, I like seeing Halloween show up on the calendar because I know the other holidays near and dear to me are on the way. Holidays could also be spelled rituals.

A rite is "any customary observance or practice". Whereas a ritual is "an established procedure, religious our otherwise", meaning that it is repeated with regular occurrence.

You know, like a holiday!

I believe we create and sustain rituals to remember the past and guarantee the future. Rituals and holidays allow us to bring up the past for review and enjoyment. And usually, the memories are sweet or at the very least, comical!

And that is what builds families, the commitment to be a part of something larger than just yourself.

It isn't always easy to make the journey to attend. Sheesh, it isn't always easy to be the tribe host, either. But once the ritual has passed for another year and you look back, it really wasn't difficult. All it really was, was commitment.

Families do change. People marry and move away. Job transfers happen. Babies are added, and older family members are suddenly no longer there. So whenever possible, make the journey, it will always be a great view when looking back!

So, Happy HallowThankfulChristNewYear Everyone! May your journey be safe and full of wonderful views on the look back.

It's a new week, I hope to see you again.

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