Monday, October 24, 2016

Is this a debate or are you arguing with me?

Deciding to "write" is a blessing and a curse. Having to write in order to meet a deadline is upon first inspection a curse. But if you break it down, having a deadline (even one self-imposed) means you must get the task completed. This gives the opportunity to think and if needed rethink, then edit and finish.

Which makes this an opportunity to learn about yourself. In the quiet of your own working space without debate or having to defend your thoughts. Some folks love a good debate, I am not one of them. I hated it in school and for some reason never took to it in later years. I equate it with arguing and yet I know that arguing and debate are not the same activity. They only seem like it.......
Ironically we think we know ourselves when we reach our mid-thirties, but all we really know is our habits and preferences, which is very different from our true self. It has taken me a long time to learn that learning about our true self, takes a lifetime. And I suppose it should. Because we are not the same person in the morning that went to bed the night before. Each new day offers the opportunity to be the best new you, that you can be.

We wake up privileged with all the knowledge from the day before. Whether we put it to use or not is a very different issue, we still wake up privileged. Unfortunately, the word privileged has become tainted in recent years by being attached to the idea of one having money. But below you will see the definition I found to support that we all are privileged.


  • having special rights, advantages, or immunities.
  • having the rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure.
I do not see the mention of money in the above definition. So it seems safe to say anyone waking up after a day of living and learning, is, in fact privileged.

Knowing yourself is one of life's greatest riches and one that you will take comfort in for the rest of your days. And unfortunately, I must also be the spokesperson for some additional bad news. The rest of your days are limited. Yep, we all are going to die. I would take that last sentence back, but then I would be a liar, and I don't think that it would be a good idea to become a writer and a liar on the same day.....

Which brings us to the issue at hand.

What is it that you want to do? And, what are you waiting for?

Now remember you will be different tomorrow. But you will not wake up ready.

I don't know if there really is a state of ready, where one embraces the opportunity and succeeds from that point on.

But I do think there is a state of willing, where one starts right in and continues to work hard toward success.

And I think that is a great tool to have in your tool chest.

It's a new week, I hope to see you again!

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