Monday, October 24, 2016

Our backyard is changing....

I want to write.

Yes, write.

About stuff.

If I remember correctly this is how blogging began, people were keeping weblogs of written information, hopes, and dreams. I don't know if I am any good at writing, I know I will need to learn as I go, in order to have anything that anyone might be interested in reading. But isn't that what is best about the internet, you will find the good, the bad and the getting-better?
I hope to be in  the later category soon!
You can easily walk around Seattle to see the sights.
Seattle Washington
We are getting closer to having more time for travel and our final hurdle besides winter, is the magical age of 62 for me. We have prepared for the last few years and we have all we need to enjoy a bit of travel. First on our list is Washington state. From there I am not sure, but Santa Fe sounds good as well. I was fortunate enough to be in Santa Fe many years ago. It was quiet and serene and beautiful. I know it has become a mecca for many folks, but I am hoping the heart of Santa Fe is the same, as all those years ago.

One reason it was easy for us to prepare for retirement is that we enjoy the simple things in life. Hiking, reading, photography, meeting new people. We took care to purchase the things we wanted before retirement in order to live comfortable, on less money. And it is a fact, early retirement is always less money. But we have less time on this back hill slide and I would rather do less, and have more time to do with it what I want.

See Astoria on foot, a very easy city to walk around in.
Astoria Oregon

We are all set to get through winter also, with rain gear and each other. If you don't like your partner, life is not as joyful of a journey. I was fortunate to meet my husband when I did. We have similar ideas, and we work well together as a team. We each are prepared to share what is available and be happy with what we have. Which does not mean we always agree, but we do respect the others opinions.

There is not separate man's work or woman's work in our home. Actually, I am surprised at how much of the household my husband takes care of. I will take back some of the household chores when my working years are over, but for now, he feels that he needs to help as much as he can. And honestly, who am I to fight with logic like that? I have struck a deal regarding the laundry, I will do the laundry and he will do all of the electrical repairs.......

It was hard for my husband to retire without me, but with three years difference in our ages, we could not retire at the same time. He was ready after years of schlepping freight and I was not ready financially. Now with just a few months left for me, I am the one having some difficulties. Mainly because I have always worked. I began working full time at age 15, so 47 years later, it is hard to not do, what I have always done.

Honoring veterans in Olympia Washington.
Olympie Washington
To help ease into retirement we are volunteering at different places in our community. Right now our list includes the library and a no-kill animal shelter. My husband has already started and I will join in when I am done in March. We have also tried kayaking. I love the idea of kayaking, but I was a complete failure! Those little boats are like a drunken sailor, tipping and bobbing on the water! So for now just one kayak, for my husband. At this point, I honestly cannot say that I will become more comfortable on the water.....but one can hope.

I have been ill with a horrible virus/influenza for the past 4 days. Which has given me much time to think about things, and summon the courage to express what I want to do. And as this post started out, I want to write. I love the creative process that writing offers and when I return to edit, I learn more about myself in the process.

It's a new week, I hope to see you again!

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