Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our Bird Garden

We shared the north yard with you here, which is where we spend most of our time, when outdoors. Now I would like to show you our south yard. This is our wonderful bird garden. We are in full rain as I try to take photos, so this one shot was taken from inside the house.....

Safe haven for safe and healthy birds.
Our bird garden, lots of houses, food sources and water.

Hundreds of birds come daily to feed, play and make a nest. You can see a Blue Jay on top of a piece of driftwood in the center of the photo. We have food and water stations just about everywhere in this yard.

The bonus of this yard is that the entire show is available to be enjoyed from our sitting room.

How about your yard, do you attract the birds?

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  1. Your yard looks lovely! We do have a lot of birds visit, but they don't stay around. I'd like my son to build some bird houses and feeders this year, for a winter project.

  2. Wow! Hundreds? What an amazing show. Who needs TV?

    Thanks for dropping by The Maple Hill Hop this week!


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