Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Worm Factory

When we got settled and I thought about things a bit*, I realized that the answer to composting that would benefit our garden was a Worm Factory.

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Our Worm Factory

I had a worm box in Vancouver. At the time I did not have the time needed to learn about worm farming, fortunately, this time around I have a generous husband who took on the tasks of the Worm Factory right from the start.

We started with 1/2 pound of worms. As they increase not only will we need to add more food, but another layer of the factory as well. It looks small now, but within months this will be a multi-story factory. Once all the layers have been added and they have outgrown the factory that is the time to clean out the oldest layer, using the castings for your garden and to make a "worm tea".

Once you have cleaned out that layer, you make a fresh bed to begin adding food scraps for the cycle to start again. Once the worm factory is up and running full speed, you can expect to capture one layer's worth of casting each month.

While you can place large pieces of food and scraps in the box, it is easiest for the worms if you chop them up a bit, so we took an old cutting board and knife out to the work bench.

We will never run out of food for the worms, not living in such a natural setting. There is a fresh supply of "green" foods (our vegetable scraps, weeds pulled from the garden, grass clippings etc) plus the "brown" foods are readily available (shredded paper, dried leaves, cardboard) and the bedding material crushed egg shells, coffee grounds are available daily!

We should have a couple of layers ready by spring.

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* Due to our black bear population outdoor compost bins as well as keeping your garbage can outside is strongly prohibited.

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  1. That looks like such a great set-up! How wonderful to know that you will be able to use all of your leftovers for a good cause!


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