Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Garden Tuesday, the one about rain...

We are having a very wet autumn. Lots (and lots!) of rain, wind, and more rain. I think the rain is preventing some of the larger animals from finding enough food to eat, one visited our yard and demolished my favorite bird feeder.

My husband spotted the badly bent hook and the missing feeder (The top cap was still attached to the badly bent hook, the glass housing was gone.) from our bird watching window and went out to clean it up before I could snap a photo to document the damage. The photo above is very grainy, but the mostly red, stained glass bird feeder, is no more.

Potato plants, wind beat, but otherwise OK.
Our garden pots of potatoes weathered the wind storm of two weeks ago just fine. But the rain just might do them in! It never gets so cold here to freeze out your plants. And according to info we read, while the cooler weather will yield a crop, I am not certain it includes getting so much rain. When the tops die back and all we harvest is rotten potatoes, I will rig up an umbrella of sorts for next year.

These snapdragons are proof that the cooler weather allows growth year round, they were in a sheltered place under the awning in Vancouver, yet they almost froze out. When we brought all the garden pots to the peninsula, there was just a touch of green poking out of the soil, but here they are blooming in November! These plants are now going on three years old. Even nestled in the rhododendron bushes, these garden pots get plenty of water.

The roses are doing well, I try to pick one for our breakfast table. I have noticed that the deer prefer the open blooms. They have to be pretty hungry to eat the buds.

I am not certain if the deer come for the roses after stopping by the neighbors for the cut apple pieces left on a bench, or before enjoying their apple breakfast!

We have a few rose hips ready to ripen.

And we still have Calla Lillies popping up in the side yard! All the rain has "watered" them very well, providing lots of new growth. More digging is in store to remove them from this area. The previous plants dug out of here and tossed into the swampy area of the lake, have taken off and are growing like crazy. So we made the decision to reclaim the Callas and plant them in a bed in the back yard, so we can enjoy them! Calla Lillies are another item that does not interest the deer......

The Gooseberry is growing some leaves, so I think we are fine there, I plan on getting a second Gooseberry bush to grow enough to enjoy.

I am still holding out hope for the Red Currants, only spring will tell if we will have fruit.

And finally, our volunteer tomato is blooming. I doubt with all the rain we shall see fruit, but it has been fun, just the same.

How is your garden growing?

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  1. We have had such a warm fall here in northern Illinois. You could not ask for nicer weather! What do you think got your feeder?
    Always a change on growing when you move to a different location.
    One thing your yard sure looks green and lush!

    1. Thanks, we are having a lot of rain and pretty much, green is a year round color on the peninsula.

  2. So scary to think it might be a bear!
    Holding out hope for your tomatoes! Ours are just getting started here in Central Florida.
    Thank you for being a part of The Maple Hill Hop!

    1. Hi Daisy, I think it was a bear. The feeder was crushed and that is not something I believe a raccoon could do. Besides raccoons are crafty, and would have used that skill! We have had a solid 3 days of rain, I am having less hope for your potato crop...


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