Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Election Eve to you!

Tomorrow is the Presidential election for 2016. As important as it is for all voters to have a say in how our country is managed and by whom, I will be happy that the election is over. I believe I have come to see a trend in our political structure that is disturbing as well as harmful.

That of shaming and blaming through social media sites. Social media has become not only big business, but how we communicate as a world community. Tap, tap, tap and zip an opinion has been sent to social media cyber space in less than a half second.

That bite of opinion, is quickly read by many and becomes fact if for no other reason than it is there in black and white (much like a newsprint use to be deemed valuable and important) to be read and shared time and time again.

I am as guilty of using social media as the next person. I blog on one platform and keep up with family and friends on another. During my visits to these social media sites, I see the other information and heated discussions of opinions, with this election being more heated than the last.

Social media is a formula, information is quickly released, to be seen and shared by many and if viewed repeatedly by enough viewers, becomes real. Social media is a means to gather followers (and believers) for your cause.

I am not certain this is how we should be electing a Presidential candidate, unless we are speaking the truth.

It's a new week, I hope to see you again.

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  1. I am crazy with anticipation over here in the UK so I can't imagine how you feel!

    1. I think most of us are here in America as well! Thank you for your visit! Have a great day.


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