Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our backyard includes, The Pacific Ocean.

We were very excited to be able to see the super moon, unfortunately we had so much cloud cover, there was nothing but clouds to see! Not even a faint glow, where the moon was....

But there have been changes in our surf from the super moon and it is spectacular to see and enjoy. The surf is much more robust, with bigger waves due to the pull of the moon. This morning during a quick walk, we noticed that the smell in the air was different also.

With larger waves, there is more movement in the water. There was a smell I can only associate with decaying murk. Not totally unpleasant, but it is apparent that the ocean is cleaning house! Along the sand, was this rusted (and burned) bed spring, brought up on the high tides in the middle of the night.

Everyday is different when we walk along the beach. There is always clues to where the tide ended and of course the patterns left in the sand, when the water returned to the ocean.

While we did miss seeing the super moon, we see signs of it's force on our daily walks.

Note:  all photos taken with my camera and have not been edited.

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