Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Baby it's cold outside...

First, my apologies for being away so long. We (or rather I) have had some changes to work through and they took up most of my thoughts. I am happy to say, that I am officially filing for retirement and I am so happy to be doing so! However coming to that decision was the part that took up my thoughts...

We are in a cold snap here on the peninsula, it was down to 33 degrees! Since this is our first winter here, we were surprised (I don't know why for Pete's sake, it is winter...) at the cold, and had not completed our usual winter chores. Given our frosty environment, the chores were fast-tracked, and quickly completed!

Here are some photos of our yard dressed in frost.

The violas have bloomed and are covered in frost.

The Salal is in bloom, after dropping all its berries.

The lava rocks around the sand and fire pit.

A very thin coating of ice on the bird bath.

Frozen rainwater in place of the food usually found in this feeder.

I am hoping we have a potato harvest. The vines had died back, this is not frost damage. Our neighbors have indicated they grow potatoes year round.

I was very (very, very) happy to see leaf buds on the currents, after the deer ate them all last summer!

Strawberry ground cover in the sand and fire pit area.

This guy wanted out in the worst way, until he got cold feet, literally! He like us, is adjusting to winter in a new home.

How are you doing with winter in your area?

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