Sunday, December 18, 2016

Regarding retirement, giving "the blues" the boot!

Retirement is a different animal that I was not used to. It is calmness where I use to work in an environment of busy, loud and endless need. Suffice to say that one does not succumb to retirement until a few rungs on the ladder have been stepped on. You see while you climb the ladder up in the working world, you must step down the ladder for retirement. And until you understand it a strangeness can come over you, and we shall call it the blues.

Once I realized I had entered into the blues, I also knew that I had to get out, fast! Where I had rule after rule in my working day, I had none in retirement, and that was the mistake that led to falling into the blues in the first place.

I had been enjoying the slow lane, even if it is so new, that the traveling is a bit scary because I have never traveled here before. And then one day, it seemed that as quickly as I entered retirement, I became bored with it as well. Silliness for sure. And it was because instead of changing a couple of rules, like no commutes and deadlines, and no endless inbox. I got rid of all rules entirely. The truth is one must have some rules to engage in life and those around you.

So now...

I have two rules for myself. The first one is to be present to the day ahead, which really means that I get up, get dressed and get busy. The second one is to openly discuss my plans for the day, not only to keep my dear husband in the loop of how I will spend my day but to set it in stone if you will, as in this is what I will accomplish/do/enjoy today, for accountability.

And it is going pretty well.

I have been busy working on Christmas gifts, one of my goals for this new life we are rebuilding. I say rebuilding because oh so many years ago, all my Christmas gifts were handmade. Just like the bread we ate, and the fruit in jars, in the pantry.

I have been getting to know my husband again.

I have had the opportunity to think in a calm setting of what I do want in this life, for the rest of my life.

And I have also given myself the permission to just sit and read or enjoy watching the birds at the feeder right outside the window.

And life is good again.

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  1. I'm sure it's an adjustment after working for so long. I've been home with our son for going on 16 years and it's an entirely different day-to-day life. You somehow find your groove in the new arena and realize that life is purposeful, no matter where you spend it. Enjoy.


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