Monday, February 13, 2017

Our backyard Includes, Leadbetter Point State Park

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We took the opportunity to visit Leadbetter State Park a couple of weeks ago. On our visit, we took the shorter Bay Loop Trail. It is a beautiful walk that starts on the bay, then into the salt marshes and finally through the trees, back to the parking lot. 

NOTE: All photos are from my camera with no editing. These simple photos will showcase the beauty of this wonderful park. 

We started on the bay side, on the Bay Loop Trail.

It is more beautiful in person, the trails are easy to navigate and we will complete the Dune Forrest Loop Trail on our next visit! This last photo of the trees is the end of the trail, and in a few more steps you are back at the parking lot. 

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  1. What a beautiful place in which to meander. You must have spotted quite a few bird species!

  2. We have learned so many new (to us) species in this past year, it has been a lot of fun.


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