Sunday, May 28, 2017

Springtime Yard Update!

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I have been absent for far too long, I am hoping to post more frequently, so first off, a big Thank You for taking the time to read this post! We had the wettest winter ever here on the peninsula, over 8.5 feet of rain! That coupled with a bit of a medical problem, were the main culprits for lack of sharing this beautiful area we are privileged to call our home.

When spring finally arrived, we had a lot to get done, here is some photographic proof it all.

The first chore on the list, replace this rusting, collapsing trellis that supports the honeysuckle plants and provides a shady spot for one of the birdbaths that we have.

My husband is building a new trellis out of scrap 4X4 posts that he has cut with half-lap notches. This trellis will fit together like a puzzle and last for many years! The upper photo that looks much like a ladder, is the top section.

We moved the birdbath to the other side of the yard, into a new home in the trees. When the trellis has been built and the honeysuckle put in place, I hope to use that new spot as a quiet reading nook!

Above the birdbath, we hung a bird house, and today are adding to this area a small ceramic suet feeder.

We moved the rhubarb to a sunnier spot, complete with rusty spikes and an identification marker.

Planted a Trumpet Vine at the end of the greenhouse/shed, this is a transplant from our Vancouver home.

Added some ceramic wall planters for succulents to the front of the greenhouse/shed.

Re-purposed this copper tea kettle into a self-draining bird house.

Planted this Zebra Grass, this is a transplant from our Vancouver home.

Found this Sedum in the old compost pile left behind by the previous owner, and gave it a new home in our yard!

When this guy came out to inspect our work, we asked if he wanted to help, he said no!

From there we cleaned up the working area of our yard, before planting the Zebra Grass.

At that point we were done for the day, so we called it quits, and went inside for a glass of something cold to drink.

Have a great weekend!

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